VITA - container seller

VITA - container seller

Provide new and used container at marjor port in china

Huijietong has a professional sales company for new and old containers (Weituo Container), which specializes in providing sales and transportation of new and old containers at major ports across the country (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, etc.), including ordinary dry cargo containers, refrigerated containers, open top boxes, side door boxes, and various customized boxes. We have signed special price contracts for SOC boxes with major shipping companies such as ZIM and CMA COSCO, and have rich experience in SOC box transportation.



International logistics one-stop/customized services

The main core services include: Sea transportation, air transportation, railway, FBA transportation, LCL of bulk cargo, bulk cargo, Roll-on/roll-off transportation, Services such as sea land air intermodal transportation, third country transshipment, China Hong Kong transportation, warehousing customs declaration, and maritime insurance

VITA Cross border Supply Chain

VITA Cross border Supply Chain

Indonesia Special Line Service

Indonesian e-commerce logistics dedicated line, self operated one-stop service Indonesian sea freight double clearance, Indonesian sea freight full container double clearance, Indonesian air delivery double clearance, Indonesian overseas warehouse, self operated throughout the entire process


Whether you are a trader, factory, seller, carrier, consignee, you can choose us

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Ocean shipping service Air shipping service Container Trade

Sea freight forwarder china to USA UK sea freight ddp rates shipping 20ft container to Melbourne shipping sea freight

Ocean freight forwarder is the transport of cargoes, raw materials, and commodities from country to another country by ship, sea shipping From china to USA and so on

sea freight forwarder china to australia usa agent sea freight from china to france uk shipping sea freight

Product name:Sea freight forwarder china to australia usa POL: Including Guangzhou (CAN), Shenzhen (SXZ), Hong Kong (HKG), Shanghai (PVG), Foshan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo, Qingdao, Dalian etc. POD: Canada long beach usa and so on.c TT:15-30 days Product type: Sea freight transportation/shipping(FCL/LCL)

international shipping freight forward to europe UK/USA/Spain/German/France/Canada from china shipping Cost

International  shipping freight forwarder provide global freight transportation services to businesses shipping freight from china to usa,canada France Germany Italy and so on. 

2021 new ocean fba shipping rates from china shipping agent china to usa Vancouver

FCL shipping process: 1.) Enquiry the price 2.) Confirm the order 3.)Booking the space 4.) Loading the cargo and clearance 5.) On board and ship to Africa 6.) Payment and release B/L

Very cheap sea freight shenzhen logistics company sea cargo shipping to  Oakland Japan Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama

Very cheap sea freight shenzhen logistics company sea cargo shipping to  Oakland Japan Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama

Bulkcargo ship RORO Shipment Ocean cargo Shipping to usa Vladivostok Russia from China Tianjin International Ocean logistic

Large Bulkcargo ship vessel shipment, RORO vessel transport POL: Tianjin, Shanghai POD: Vladivostok Russia TT:10 -25 days, Other Main services: 1) FCL (Full Container Load), 20ft,40ft,40HQ,45HQ container 2) LCL (Less Than Container) - usually choosed for goods volume 1 cbm , 5cbm or 10 cbm etc.

Reliable and fast sea shipping freight to from china to usa sea freight shipping companies

POL: Including Guangzhou (CAN), Shenzhen (SXZ), Hong Kong (HKG), Shanghai (PVG), Foshan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo, Qingdao, Dalian etc. POD: usa TT:20-25days,via Durban

sea freight shipping china to canada Toronto shipping company in china freight forwarder hong kong

Don't to sign the bDon't to sign the big contract with small shipsig contract with small ships

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DDP air freight forwarder from China to Europe by air

Route: China to Austria, Germany, Italy, Britain, France, Poland, Sweden, Europe Departure ports: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Arrival ports: Austria, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom , France, Poland, Sweden, European airlines: CA, EK, CZ, CX, arrival time: 1-10days, direct shipment national service hotline: 13560787209

DDP air freight forwarder to USA Austria Germany Italy United Kingdom France Poland Sweden from China to Europe air shipment

International air freight service means to a transportation method that transports the goods consigned by a shipper from airport of departure to an airport of destination in another country

Air freight from China to Federation/Slovenia/Spain/Sweden/Austria

Route: China to Federal/Slovenia/Spain/Sweden/Austria Departure ports: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Arrival ports: Federal/Slovenia/Spain/Sweden/Austrian Airlines: CA , MU, EK, CZ, CX, arrival time: 1-10days, direct shipment national service hotline: 13560787209

DDP/DDU air freight from China to the U.S.

DDP/DDU Air Freight China Shenzhen Ningbo Shanghai Tianjin to France/Italy/Germany, etc. Product Name: Air Freight From China to the United States Route: China to France/Italy/Germany Departure Port: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Shenzhen , Xiamen, Hong Kong, Arrival port: France/Italy/German Airlines: CA, MU, HU, EK, CZ, CX, arrival time: 1-10days, direct shipment national service hotline: 13560787209 DDU air freight is one of the main products of Shenzhen VITA International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.with good Price and quality, company direct sales are the cheap. Our company is a professional supplier in China, with various products For sale.

Best shipping freight forwarder China to USA,fast air freight services

Express air freight from China to the United States/Canada/Australia with door-to-door customs clearance service. Route: China to the United States Departure ports: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Arrival ports: United States/Canada/Mexico/Seattle/San Francisco/Chicago/New York/Detroit Airlines: CA, MU , HU, EK, CZ, CX, arrival time: 1-10days, direct shipment national service hotline: 13560787209

New and old standard container service

Product name: new 20GP 40GP 40hq new and old standard container Product size: internal size: 5.898*2.352*2.385 external size: 6.058*2.438*2.591 product specifications: 20' product capacity: 33.2CBM product model: dry cabinet product advantages: fast and safe , Suitable for land transportation, sea transportation, and transportation services.

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Used 40RH reefer containers Daiking

The container is to be designed and manufactured for the carriage of refrigerated (frozen, chilled) foodstuffs and general cargo by land (on road or rail) and by sea (above or below deck) throughout the world.

Container Leasing

Container leasing is generally a leasing method for shipping, railway, road transportation companies, etc., to lease containers to the lessee in a long-term or short-term way. In recent decades, the volume of global trade has shown a growing trend, and its demand is mainly driven by the growth of international trade. The future will also maintain a growth trend, so the overall demand for rental boxes will continue to grow.

40HQ End To End Open Container head and tail doors open

Double end door containers can be items and pallets of goods.Convenient loading and unloading through double end doors, manual or forklift. These containers are usually purchased by self-storage companies.

20HQ with both end door open

Tunnel containers (Double end door open containers) are ideal for storage of smaller items and palletized goods.Easy access via the double end doors for loading & unloading by hand or by forklift. Sometimes these tunnel containers are purchased by self storage companies who divide the container into two 10ft stores.

40HQ with four side open doors

Remain all the functions and features of standard 40HQ container,also side open door makes the loading and unloading much quicker;

40HQ with two foldable side open doors

Retain all functions and features of the standard 40HQ container; Make loading and unloading faster; To provide more perspective on the cargo inside; Folding side doors allow oversized product loading

20GP full side open door Container

Pair of double hinged doors along one side of the container giving full side access as well as a pair of double doors at the end

20GP with side open 2 doors

100% new container, mobile flexibility, strong iron, good sealing, door lock, light and water tight, all sold containers can meet the international standards (light tight, no rain leakage, door, floor intact) can be used as soc box export, weathering steel structure, 28mm Marine plywood floor. Suitable for loading large goods, convenient for workers to load and unload goods, save time.

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Escort your cargo

VITA is committed to satisfying for the various types of cargowhich is safe and fast for transportation

VITA Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Established in 2007, VITA International.& Jiaking import & export Co., Ltd. is an comprehensive international supply chain companies with the sense of industrialization and modern service, which provide customers with one-stop/ customized services.


Its main services included sea shipping, air shipping, FBA shipping, Break bulk shipping, container trade, Marine Insurance and and so on. The company has proprietary container trucks, warehouses and customs brokers in major ports, which can better guarantee the efficiency of each logistics link......


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Domestic and foreign service areas

The area of foreign service

Huijietong has cooperative relations with many shipping companies MSK, COSCO, EMC. ONE, CMA, WHL, MSC, YML. And long-term strong alliance with more than 30 routes such as CX, CV, RU, 5Y, N8, OZ, KL, TK, EK, CZ, CA, PO, etc., and has WCA qualifications, first-class freight forwarding qualifications, professional casting service quality!













New Zealand

New Zealand





The area of china service

Huijietong has long-term good cooperative relations with domestic ports and container terminals. Domestic service scope: Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other major ports. Huitong meets customers with the highest quality logistics services with cost-effective, time-efficient, and visualized transportation status tracking. Ensure that every shipment arrives safely.







Hong Kong





VITA is very grateful to our customers who have been accompanying and supporting us. It is because of them that our VITA team is becoming more and more outstanding.


Good News: Indonesia Imported Cosmetic Products Customs Clearance Announces New Deal (with Customs Clearance Document Requirements)

Recently, under the instruction of Indonesian President Joko, Trade Minister Decree No. 8 of 2024 (Permendag 8/2024) was issued urgently and took effect immediately. The urgent issuance of Trade Minister Order No. 8 in 2024 is regarded as a remedy for the large number of containers stranded in Indonesian ports caused by the promulgation of Trade Minister Order No. 36 in Permendag (2023/2023).




EU countries will strictly control plastic packaging waste (cross-border e-commerce sellers & foreign traders exporting to Europe, please note)

The European Parliament has approved a new agreement to improve the sustainability of packaging in the EU and reduce packaging waste. The agreement requires EU countries to strictly limit the amount of plastic packaging waste, aiming to improve safety and promote a circular economy by reducing, reusing and recycling packaging (reduce, reuse and recycle packaging).


CMA CGM imposes surcharge on outbound cargo from South America's largest container terminal (Brazilian port company is persuading)

Carolina Brown, TCP commercial director of Brazil's Paranagua Port Project (TCP), said the company is trying to dissuade a logistics company from imposing a surcharge on outbound cargo at South America's largest container terminal.