DDP/DDU air freight from China to the U.S.

DDP/DDU Air Freight China Shenzhen Ningbo Shanghai Tianjin to France/Italy/Germany, etc. Product Name: Air Freight From China to the United States Route: China to France/Italy/Germany Departure Port: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Shenzhen , Xiamen, Hong Kong, Arrival port: France/Italy/German Airlines: CA, MU, HU, EK, CZ, CX, arrival time: 1-10days, direct shipment national service hotline: 13560787209 DDU air freight is one of the main products of Shenzhen VITA International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.with good Price and quality, company direct sales are the cheap. Our company is a professional supplier in China, with various products For sale.


DDP air freight

DDP International Trade Terms Interpretation General Rules, or "Payment Tax Paid", stipulates that the seller must provide the goods to the buyer at a pre-arranged location (the buyer’s factory, warehouse, etc.) and bear all related expenses, including unloading the goods from the carrier And any customs procedure fees and duties that may apply.


DDU air freight

The English of DDU is "Delivered Duty Unpaid (... named place of destination)", which is "Delivered Duty Unpaid (... named place of destination)". This kind of trade term means that in the actual work process, exporters and importers deliver goods in a certain place in the importing country. Among them, the exporter must bear all the costs and risks of the goods delivered to the designated place, as well as handling Costs and risks of customs procedures


The biggest difference between DDU air freight and DDP air freight

The biggest difference between DDU air freight and DDP air freight lies in the issue of who bears the risks and costs of the goods in the customs clearance process at the port of destination. If the exporter is able to complete the import declaration, then you can choose DDP air freight. If the exporter is not able to handle related matters, or is unwilling to go through the import procedures, bear the risks and costs, then the DDU term should be used.

We provide a network of air transportation service agencies all over the world. We have powerful operating systems in important airports in China such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Xiamen, etc., and have an experienced airport operation team that can provide a full set of professional air transportation. Services include: picking up, warehousing, ordering, order preparation, customs declaration, inspection declaration, fumigation, insurance, documents, tax refund, transportation, customs clearance, door-to-door, etc.


Express and air transportation instructions: 

1. The weight of a small express parcel does not exceed 30kg, but the total amount is not limited. 

2. Any value of the length, width and height of the aviation object shall not exceed 2 meters. 

3. The freight is calculated based on 6000cm 3 =1kg for light foam loans. 

4. For goods shipped by air to Taiwan, an additional HKD: 150.00 shall be added for each ticket. 

5. If you need to go through the formalities of endorsing FORME in Hong Kong, the handling fee is HKD 250.00. 

6. The customs declaration fee HKD: RMB 200.00 shall be charged for each shipment of international air transport. 

7. When paying international freight, it can be converted into Renminbi at the exchange rate of the foreign currency transaction on the day. 

8. The delivery location of the express mail is limited to the urban area, and the suburbs are picked up by themselves.



1. The above prices do not include airport management fees, construction fees and ground freight (total 0.82 yuan /kg) 

2. The insurance premium rate is calculated at 5% 

3. Volume weight (kg) = length × width × height ÷ 6000 cubic centimeters. 


Six different experiences:

1. 10 years of air export experience, more than 500 cooperative agents, basically no blind spot coverage in the world,

2. Professional operation team, more than 20 years of international logistics operation experience, professional airline operation specialists

3. International logistics solutions, cooperation with a large number of air and shipping companies, more than 500 air and sea routes.

4. The price and space are guaranteed. I have a good price in the off-season and a good space in the peak season.

5. Safe and worry-free, efficient and fast, guaranteed service, comprehensive service, and fast logistics plan

6. One-stop worry-free service. Let us be your logistics consultant and arrange faster delivery to customers.


service advantage:

Save time and logistics costs

The scope of services covers all countries and regions around the world

International shipping and air transportation routes are quoted more accurately

Sign the contract price directly with the airline

Purchase freight insurance rates as low as 6/50,000

Strong customs clearance capabilities, flexible handling of customs declarations in various countries

DDU air freight is one of the main products of Shenzhen VITA International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.with good Price and quality, company direct sales are the cheap. Our company is a professional supplier in China, with various products For sale.