Our company provides special container services

Main Including: open top container, flat container, frame container, tank container, Dress hanger Container, freezer container, bulk cargo ships, etc. We can undertake container adjustment and transportation services at the Pearl River Delta region and major northern ports.


OOG special container (OUT OF GAUGE) refers to other special containers other than ordinary dry cargo containers that can be used to load other special requirements for transportation or packaging. Its particularity is mainly reflected in:

1. It can be refrigerated [REEFER CONTAINER (RF cabinet)] function;

2. It can receive ultra-high cargo [open-top container (OPEN-TOP CONTAINER, OT container) function;

3. It can receive ultra-wide and ultra-high cargo [frame container (PLAT FORM BASED CONTAINER)] function;

4. It can receive livestock 【PEN CONTAINER】 function;

5. It can be connected to various liquids [Tank Container (TANK CONTAINER, TK cabinet)] function;

6. Can be connected to the vehicle [CAR CONTAINER] function;

7. It can be connected to the function of [DRESSHANGER CONTAINER];

8. It is a general term for special containers that can be connected to large equipment [FLATRACK CONTAINER flat panel cabinets, frame cabinets]. People generally call any of the above cabinets special cabinets, and our company can accept them.


The type of goods transported:

Provide professional international transportation services for the import and export of special products such as frozen fresh foods, arge machinery, high-end clothing, bulk liquids, liquefied gases, etc.


The special container display:

Open top container

flat frame container

Small freezer

Tank containe