Truck service

Truck service is means of bulk cargo and LCL, containers,oversize and large cargo and Port of the trailer to transports some goods by truck.
Truck type: container truck 、ton trucks、central truck service、refrigerated trucks and special truck for dangerous goods,which can provided the truck transportation service for various of customer groups

Truck service scope

1. Container truck / lift Truck /freezer /flatbed transportation business in the Pearl River Delta;

2. Supervised warehouses and bonded warehouses for ton truck delivery, customs declaration, and outbound transportation business;

3. Dangerous goods truck transportation service

4. Domestic transportation, pick up. Loading,issuance of bills of lading, Shipment cost,express delivery,documents,  export&import customs 
Declaration, taxes, unpacking/transshipment, delivery; domestic and overseas agency service,

Advantages and disadvantages of truck service

Advantages: Widely, high efficiency, flexibility
Disadvantages: Easy to be affected by natural disasters (floods, ice and snow, etc.), road traffic jam and other factors.

The company has hundreds of trailers, and all of them are equipped with customs-approved driver's book and other vehicle approval documents, which can undertake general trade and customs clearance transportation services in Guangdong. 

Our company has a hundreds of  trailers and professional customs-approved  driver, which can under take the general trade and customs clearance transportation services in Guangdong.

China-Hong Kong ton trailers have a various types of (3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ, 45GP) , our company can provide 100 truck car,

Our company have customs declaration filings at the Port of Huanggang   Wenjindu Shatoujiao \ Shenzhen that to be satisfied customers' requirements for truck use and customs clearance at any time.


China-Hong Kong trailers Import Process

1. The goods are transported to Hong Kong by the first-way carrier and unloaded at the CY Yard of Hong Kong port.

2. The towing department of the Hong Kong company of the first voyage carrier informs the consignee, and agrees on the date of container towing and the customs declaration list for delivery;

3. After the import declaration is made to the customs in advance for release, the towing company will tow the container from the CY field (in HKG) on the day of delivery or the day before, cross the border port, and tow the container to the unloading location on the mainland for unloading.

4. The empty containers are towed back to HKG and returned to Depot of the Hong Kong first-way carrier to complete the import operation.


China-Hong Kong trailer export process:

1. According to the instructions of the factory, Zhonggang trailers will arrange to tow the empty containers to the loading location for loading on the specified date and time.

2. The customer's customs declaration personnel shall make export declarations, leave the country after being cleared by the customs, and deliver them to the designated return location in Hong Kong.

3. The trailer driver delivers the tail paper to the shipping company. (The tail paper is an important evidence for returning the container to the dock, and it is also an important document for taking the ocean bill of lading.)

4. The customer provides the correct shipping information to the shipping company to make a bill of lading, and complete the export operation when the ship is On Board.

5. The customer (or entrusted towing company) must report truthfully to the Hong Kong government in a timely manner (15 working days before the ship departs).