Used 40RH reefer containers Daiking

The container is to be designed and manufactured for the carriage of refrigerated (frozen, chilled) foodstuffs and general cargo by land (on road or rail) and by sea (above or below deck) throughout the world.

Container Leasing

Container leasing is generally a leasing method for shipping, railway, road transportation companies, etc., to lease containers to the lessee in a long-term or short-term way. In recent decades, the volume of global trade has shown a growing trend, and its demand is mainly driven by the growth of international trade. The future will also maintain a growth trend, so the overall demand for rental boxes will continue to grow.

40HQ End To End Open Container head and tail doors open

Double end door containers can be items and pallets of goods.Convenient loading and unloading through double end doors, manual or forklift. These containers are usually purchased by self-storage companies.

20HQ with both end door open

Tunnel containers (Double end door open containers) are ideal for storage of smaller items and palletized goods.Easy access via the double end doors for loading & unloading by hand or by forklift. Sometimes these tunnel containers are purchased by self storage companies who divide the container into two 10ft stores.

40HQ with four side open doors

Remain all the functions and features of standard 40HQ container,also side open door makes the loading and unloading much quicker;

40HQ with two foldable side open doors

Retain all functions and features of the standard 40HQ container; Make loading and unloading faster; To provide more perspective on the cargo inside; Folding side doors allow oversized product loading