DDP air freight


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DDP air freight forwarder from China to Europe by air

Route: China to Austria, Germany, Italy, Britain, France, Poland, Sweden, Europe Departure ports: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Arrival ports: Austria, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom , France, Poland, Sweden, European airlines: CA, EK, CZ, CX, arrival time: 1-10days, direct shipment national service hotline: 13560787209

DDP air freight forwarder to USA Austria Germany Italy United Kingdom France Poland Sweden from China to Europe air shipment

International air freight service means to a transportation method that transports the goods consigned by a shipper from airport of departure to an airport of destination in another country


The difference between DDU air freight and DDP air freight

DDU air freight means that the seller will deliver the prepared goods at the place designated by the importing country, and must bear all the costs and risks of the goods to the designated place (excluding customs duties, taxes and other official fees payable at the time of import), in addition to Bear the costs and risks of customs formalities.


How to choose DDP air freight company

First, choose a DDP air freight company with professional packaging. Many customers are no strangers to logistics procedures, and customers are often worried about damaged packaging or damaged internal items. But if you choose a professional DDP air freight company, you can solve this problem well. These professional companies have professional personnel who can package and transport different types of goods to ensure the safety of the entire process of air transport.