The difference between DDU air freight and DDP air freight

DDU air freight means that the seller will deliver the prepared goods at the place designated by the importing country, and must bear all the costs and risks of the goods to the designated place (excluding customs duties, taxes and other official fees payable at the time of import), in addition to Bear the costs and risks of customs formalities.

DDU air freight-DDP air freight
In container transportation, we will encounter some professional terms all the time. For friends who are not in container transportation, it may be confusing. Today, I will explain some terms that are often confused in container transportation: DDU air freight and DDP air freight
DDU air freight (delivery without duty paid at the destination port): refers to the seller delivering the goods to the buyer at the designated destination, without going through import formalities, or unloading the goods from the delivery means of transport, that is, the delivery is completed.
DDP air freight (delivery after duty payment at destination port): Delivery after duty payment means that the seller completes the import customs clearance procedures at the designated destination, and delivers the goods that have not been unloaded on the delivery vehicle to the buyer to complete the delivery.
Who is responsible for paying customs duties in DDU air freight and DDP air freight?
1. DDU air freight: the recipient pays customs duties
2. DDP air freight: The sender pays the tariff
Precautions for DDU air freight:
1. It is necessary to handle the insurance matters;
2.The exporter engaged in DDU air freight has a company abroad, which is of a business nature. The exporter is responsible for delivering the goods to the customer, and the customer does not provide any customs clearance documents and certificates.