40HQ with four side open doors

Remain all the functions and features of standard 40HQ container,also side open door makes the loading and unloading much quicker;

40HQ with two foldable side open doors

Retain all functions and features of the standard 40HQ container; Make loading and unloading faster; To provide more perspective on the cargo inside; Folding side doors allow oversized product loading

20GP full side open door Container

Pair of double hinged doors along one side of the container giving full side access as well as a pair of double doors at the end

20GP with side open 2 doors

100% new container, mobile flexibility, strong iron, good sealing, door lock, light and water tight, all sold containers can meet the international standards (light tight, no rain leakage, door, floor intact) can be used as soc box export, weathering steel structure, 28mm Marine plywood floor. Suitable for loading large goods, convenient for workers to load and unload goods, save time.