Bulk cargo transportation process


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Bulk cargo transportation process

一、Receive customer inquiry;  When the customer asks about chartering, the customer should know the following questions.  

(1)shipping type:panamax carrier and Cape of Good Hope;

(2)Port of dispatch and port of discharge 
(3)Name and quantity of the goods
(4)Loading rate and discharge rate
(5)loading port and Port of discharge,line of flotation 
(6) Estimated time of shipment
(7)  Name, contact person, telephone number, telex, email, fax, etc  

二、Know more about this information, our company can give the shipping rats. And port Customs declaration and forwarding cost.
2、know about Loading port and discharging port time
三、After our customer singe agreement with transport forwarding, according to the ship reached discharging port time before to notice the customer to check in the customs declaration documents

3、 Import of custom clearance , the transport tool must declare before within 14days , Ultra -day customs card overdue payment, If the tax is not paid within 14 days, the customs will levy a late fee.

4、Inspection application procedure: inspection application - commodity inspection fee - entry and exit clearance form - water gauge measurement - sampling test - quality certificate  
Customs declaration procedures: declaration - inspection - tax - release - customs clearance  

5、Customs declaration and inspection documents
Inspection documents: inspection power of attorney, inspection form, contract, invoice, foreign draft weight list, quality certificate.  

四、Customs declaration document: customs power of attorney, customs declaration, contract, invoice, weight list, commodity inspection clearance form, insurance policy, letter of credit copy