How to make the sea shipping container the price?


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First. The cargo quantity and number price.

Obviously, the freight rate depends on the type of goods,usual. The high value  cargo shipping rats is higher more than low value cargo. The cargo stowage volume different can affect the utilization rate of cabin capacity , Natural freight rates are also different;  The freight rate of goods in small quantities is usually higher than that of goods in large quantities. The quantity of cargo also affects the utilization of space and tonnage.the rates should be higher when there is a greater waste of capacity.  


Second, the cargo Place of origin and destination relation the sea shipping rats.

 The cargo difference between place of departure and destination relates to port depth, loading and unloading conditions, port tariff level, charging distance between ports, length of voyage operation  or not trough the river and shipping line have or not the fueling port and so on can effect the shipping economic. Obviously, the freight rate of the good port and route operators should be lower than that of the bad ones because the ship operators can get better benefits at lower costs.  

Third. carried

The kinds of the ships relation the shipping container rats, they are shipping line and cargo nature different ,so the shipping is different. used the shipping ,they are different from Technical status and safety guarantee, so. The ships value can relation the ships,the used the ships different., Their cost components are also different, so freight rates directly related to costs must also be different.  

Fourth , The price of container shipping is determined by the date of termination and completion of preparation for loading

At that time, the external market conditions will be greatly different, market supply and demand will also be different, the date of contract and termination will affect the freight rate.  In addition, the length of the contract period is different, but also affect the level of freight, long-term transport contract negotiation of freight is usually lower than the short-term contract.  

Fifth. The competitor relation the container ship rats.

For economic condition, The number of competitors, they are Size of strength and Strength in the market, for the ship rats high and lower is larger influence.
In the transportation market, competitors not only have different shipping operators, but also involve the competition between shipping operators and operators of other modes of transportation.  Each adjusts its rates to ensure that it gets as much of the freight as possible.

Sixth, other factor can affect the ships price.

The shipping industry, especially the international shipping industry, is increasingly under the intervention and protection of governments and regions, so various measures of the government will affect the level of freight rates.  In the period of high fluctuation of exchange rate, in order to avoid the economic loss caused by exchange rate risk, shipping operators often have to take it into consideration in the formulation of freight rates or supplement special provisions in the supplementary provisions of contracts.