Violation of the Canadian Shipping Act is subject to a maximum fine of $181351 (please note that international air shipments to Canada)

Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez outlined a significant increase in fines for violations of the Canada Shipping Act, raising the maximum fine from C $25000 to C $250000 ($181351).


The revised penalties are divided into three levels: minor, medium and serious. Minor violations are administrative in nature and do not pose a threat to public safety or the environment; moderate violations are those that fail to comply with regulations on pollution response but may not pose a significant threat to people or the environment; serious violations are those that endanger human health or the environment, or involve the destruction of documents or obstruction of authority.

Examples of serious violations include not storing compressed gas separately from other types of compressed gas, or discharging cargo residues into polar waters under certain conditions.

"We take seriously the safety of our waters and the well-being of Canadians, which is why we introduced these amendments and raised the maximum penalties," Rodriguez said."