Must see! Recently, Europe and the United States logistics should pay attention to these major events (related to foreign trade people's money bags)

 "Iran-Israel conflict affects routes, prices on European routes may increase"

Recently, the military conflict between Iran and Israel has had a direct impact on air transport. This tension has led to route adjustments and flight delays, resulting in additional operating costs for airlines. This could lead to higher flight prices.

A number of airlines have issued notices announcing the suspension or reduction of flights to Europe. Such decisions are often due to the tensions caused by the military conflict between Iran and Israel and their direct impact on the safety and operation of air routes. Deviating or avoiding conflict zones may result in longer routes, delays and additional operating costs, which may affect airline decisions. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of passengers and flights, some airlines may suspend or reduce flights to Europe until the situation is stable and route safety is guaranteed.

Instructions from Singapore Airlines Headquarters


From now until the 28th of this month, we will suspend the receipt of European goods (except IST). We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Malaysia Aviation Division Decision

From April 17 to 30, the receipt of goods to London will be suspended, and the specific recovery time will be notified after the headquarters study.


  Hundreds of cabinets waiting for inspection!! Hungarian customs to increase X-ray machine inspection efforts to increase!

Hungarian customs to step up inspection efforts, the Hungarian customs clearance strict inspection, there will be a large number of cabinet delays!! You can communicate with your corresponding freight forwarder to choose other customs clearance points!

An X-ray machine was temporarily added to the Yali customs clearance point. At the same time, due to the unstable debugging of the machine, it is necessary to queue up for scanning. At present, it is expected to affect 3-7 working days! A large number of cabinets queue for customs clearance!

At present, there is news that there are hundreds of cabinets waiting for inspection!

1. This time the local customs will strictly investigate the previousSerious concealment, imitation of the customs clearance line;

2. At the same time, all customs clearance banks have also increased the inspection rate, the customs will pick.X-ray scanning of some cabinets;

3. Because of the high overall inspection rate this time, there will be a shortage of customs personnel.Customs clearance delay.


The impact of the war will continue. For now, it is difficult for European Haipai and railways to return to the prices before the war. Unless the situation is slightly stable and the volume of European goods increases this year, the prices of cabinets are soaring all the way. In short supply.

Secondly, the customs clearance time in Hungary will be relatively long. It is suggested to consult the customs clearance points of its own freight forwarders in Europe, which are usually Poland/Belgium, and can consult more channels for customs clearance. In my opinion, the price of European dedicated lines is not the only one, customs clearance is the most critical, and the problem of each thunderstorm is mostly customs clearance.

In addition, there will be a small peak of shipments before the May Day holiday at the end of the month, so you can make changes in shipments in advance.