Embracing Efficiency with Used 20GP Shipping Containers

As the demand for cost-effective and sustainable shipping solutions continues to rise, the used 20GP shipping container emerges as a practical and eco-friendly option for businesses looking to optimize their logistics operations. These pre-owned containers offer a range of benefits that make them a compelling choice for various storage and transportation needs.


Unlocking the Potential of New 20GP Shipping Containers

In the world of logistics and transportation, the humble shipping container plays a crucial role in facilitating the movement of goods across continents and oceans. Among these essential containers, the new 20GP shipping container stands out for its reliability, durability, and versatility, offering a host of benefits for businesses and individuals alike.


What is china FCL sea freight service?

china FCL sea freight service is a method of transporting large quantities of goods, and only the customer's own goods are arranged to be transported in a container. Unlike the LCL service, china FCL sea freight service is that the customer's own cargo occupies the container space and does not need to be shared with other importers or exporters. In this shipping method, all goods are listed on one bill of lading.


Advantages of FCL sea freight service from China

1. The customs clearance time of FCL sea freight service from China is short: When choosing the FCL sea freight service from China, since a box of goods is owned by your own company, as long as your own documents are fully submitted, you can go through customs and release soon after completing the relevant procedures and collecting relevant taxes.


FCL sea freight service company explains FCL and LCL

The FCL sea freight service company said that many shippers will ask how to distinguish between FCL and LCL during daily delivery? How to judge whether it is more appropriate to go LCL or FCL? Today, the FCL shipping service company will tell you about it.


The difference between quality FCL sea freight service and quality LCL service

Quality FCL sea freight service: the consignor is responsible for packing, counting, filling in the shipping note, and the goods are sealed by the customs.


FCL sea freight service company shares what is LCL

The FCL sea freight service company stated that LCL means that the carrier (or agent) will classify and sort out the goods according to the nature of the goods and the destination after accepting the small-ticket freight consigned by the consignor whose quantity is less than the full container. The principle of consolidating goods to the same destination into a certain number of boxes is similar to that of carpooling. 


What factors affect the price of China FCL service?

There is a huge price gap for China FCL service. Many customers think that this is the difference between the promotion and the normal price of the aviation sector, but the relevant person said that the comprehensive quotation is related to a variety of factors and cannot be generalized. Affect the price of China FCL service?


Why choose China FCL service

China FCL service means that only one consignor of the FCL can deliver it to the port of destination, which is relatively easier than LCL. For China FCL service, the consignor is responsible for packing, counting, stowage and lead sealing. The unpacking of the whole container is generally handled by the consignee.


What are the benefits of FCL service from China

In daily work, many foreign trade companies mostly prefer sea transportation when importing and exporting goods. Especially those with a large volume of goods exported. There are two options for sea freight, FCL service and LCL. For such large volumes of goods, it is generally recommended to choose FCL service from China. So what are the benefits of choosing the FCL service from China?

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