Container Leasing

Container leasing is generally a leasing method for shipping, railway, road transportation companies, etc., to lease containers to the lessee in a long-term or short-term way. In recent decades, the volume of global trade has shown a growing trend, and its demand is mainly driven by the growth of international trade. The future will also maintain a growth trend, so the overall demand for rental boxes will continue to grow.


For this purpose, we provide a variety of original standard containers, such as 20GP,40GP,40HQ,45HQ and 53HQ, as well as freezer 20RF,40RH, as well as frame boxes, flat boxes and other related rental services.

And provide relevant services and transportation services to meet customers' individual needs.


Container leasing business is to provide services for the container transportation industry, for liner companies, leasing and purchasing containers, has the following advantages:


(1) Avoid the immediate investment of huge sums of money

Containers are expensive, with a 20-foot box costing more than $1,800 when it leaves the factory. If the liner company needs to open up container routes, the shipowner's own boxes are often thousands, and a lot of money is needed to purchase containers. With a leasing company, only a little rent can be paid to rent boxes.


(2) The convenience of global suitcase and global box return

The demand of the liner company for the box is changing and unbalanced, and the global box return can only be done by the leasing company, which greatly solves the problem of the liner company's box transfer.


(3) Supply security of container demand locations

It is impossible for any liner company to have storage containers in any of its demand locations, and the leasing company can relatively meet their requirements and ensure the supply of containers as much as possible.


With the above advantages, the leasing business has developed rapidly, and the volume of the leasing company has accounted for more than 45% of the total volume of the world. In China, especially in the container fleet of overseas liner companies and domestic trade line liner companies, the rental volume accounts for more than 90% of the total container volume.


In international container transport, container leasing plays a very important role:

1. Container transport operators can solve the difficulties of huge investment by renting containers in the case of shortage of funds.

2. The container lessee can obtain the right to use the container through rent payment, and can be responsible for the operation and management of the container during the lease period, avoiding the immediate investment of huge funds.

3. Return of empty containers can be solved by one-way leasing on unbalanced routes.

4. Solve the imbalance between supply and demand that may be caused by seasonal changes in supply.