Advantages and disadvantages of sea transport


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Advantages and disadvantages of sea transport

 Advantages of sea freight
Possibility of carrying a wide variety of cargo, with high availability of routes and vessels
Sea freight rates are low for transporting large quantities at once, over long distances
Most carbon-efficient mode of transport when comparing the fuel consumption to the weight transported per shipment
Shipping by sea or ocean is the safest form of worldwide transport
Possibility of safely transporting dangerous and hazardous goods that are forbidden in other shipping services
Lower maintenance costs compared to rail or road transport


Disadvantages of sea freight

  • Sea freight transport is slow, only suitable for shipments that are not time-sensitive
  • Not cost-effective for short-distance shipments
  • Vulnerable to weather conditions such as excessive rain or dry season where the water level in rivers are too low
  • Further inland transportation needed to connect the port to the final destination
  • Tracking of goods transported by ocean freight might be tricky
  • The biggest danger of the sea freight industry is piracy