Special cargo

Valuable goods
For a shipment of goods containing one or more of the following items, they are all referred to as valuable goods.
(1) Any item with a declared gross weight of over (or equal to) $1000 per kilogram for transportation.
(2) Gold (including refined or unrefined ingots), mixed gold, coins, and various shapes of gold products, such as gold particles, sheets, powders, cotton, thread, bars, tubes, rings, and gold castings; Platinum (i.e. platinum) rare and precious metals (palladium, iridium, rhodium, nails, osmium) and various shapes of aluminum alloy products, such as lead particles, cotton, rods, ingots, sheets, strips, nets, tubes, belts, etc; However, the radioactive isotopes of the above-mentioned metals and alloys are not classified as valuable goods, but as dangerous goods, and should be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations on the transportation of dangerous goods.
(3) Statutory bank notes, negotiable securities, stocks, coupons, Traveller's cheque and stamps (starting from the United Kingdom, excluding new stamps).
(4) Diamonds (including industrial diamonds), Ruby, sapphire, emerald, Opal, pearls (including cultured pearls), and ornaments inlaid with the above diamonds, gems, pearls, etc.
(5) Jewelry and watches made of materials such as gold and silver.
(6) Gold and platinum products (excluding gold plated and platinum plated products).