What factors affect the price of China FCL service?

There is a huge price gap for China FCL service. Many customers think that this is the difference between the promotion and the normal price of the aviation sector, but the relevant person said that the comprehensive quotation is related to a variety of factors and cannot be generalized. Affect the price of China FCL service?

China FCL service
1. Volume configuration
The number of spaces of merchant ships that perform China FCL service is different, and the volume limit of the total load is also different, which largely determines the transportation cost. It is precisely due to the limitation of the total amount of loading that the later allocation will slow down, resulting in price fluctuations. Especially in the low season and peak season of each year, the price factor will be more prominent.
2. Central distribution factors
China FCL service will also be affected by flight routes. Factors such as the centralized distribution of maritime control in different periods have jointly led to differences in the price of China FCL service, and the degree of activity in different economic and cultural regions is also different. Prices in economically active regions are higher than those in economically slow regions.
Don't worry too much about these issues when choosing China FCL service. You just need to make sure the packaging quality and the goods are not subject to shipping restrictions. Even if it is affected by various factors, the price will not change cliff-like; especially for long-term customers, the impact of different factors on the price will be minimized.