Just now, the Ningbo market was shocked by the freight forwarding version of the "Wolf Killing" game: starting with space 9400, 8400 sale

On the one hand, the market freight rate continues to plummet, on the other hand, the export volume is sluggish. Now the freight forwarders, especially those who make a living by selling shipping space and earning price difference, have a hard time!

As a result, some bad freight forwarders in the market began to play the booking version of the "Wolf Killing Game" (also known as the "Killing Game")!

▲ Big sale, sell at a loss......

According to a shipping quoted a number of netizens feedback: yesterday, Ningbo, a freight forwarder's consistent "notification letter", opened a jaw-dropping freight forwarding booking scam!

The cause of the incident was a 40HQ cabin from Ningbo to Houston, USA!

First of all, through the following picture, let's take a look at how this 40HQ shipping space went from one generation to eight times and finally went to the direct passenger (export enterprise):

A Houston cabin that was turned over eight times.

This 40HQ class from Ningbo to Houston, USA, the route of being reversed and the process of fare increase is as follows

A generation to A freight forwarding USD9100

A freight forwarding to B freight USD9200

B Forwarder to C Forwarder Freight USD9300

C Freight Forwarder to D Freight USD9400

Everyone pays special attention to this "D freight forwarder"

Forwarder D to Forwarder E Freight USD8400

$9400 to start with,$8400 to sell

Forwarder E sold it to another salesman of Forwarder A, and the freight was USD8500.

After some divine operation, the shipping space is back in the hands of freight forwarder A.

A Freight Forwarder to F Freight USD8700

Freight Forwarder F Sold to Direct Passenger Transport Fee USD8900

Freight Forwarder D ran away with freight, did not pay to the previous freight forwarder, direct customers could not get the bill and did not arrive.

▲ Freight Forwarder Version "Wolf Killing Game" Shows Market

Two involved freight forwarders issued a series of announcements, the truth surfaced.

In the two public "notification letters" of the companies involved (Forwarder F and Forwarder A) that were exclusively known to One Shipping, we saw the restoration of the facts from two angles and a common statement: "Our company has no knowledge!"

Freight Forwarder F specifically pointed out that "the cost of releasing the business 9100 went around to their other business and became 8700USD, and the cabin was released to us 8900USD."

In the public "Notice" of another freight forwarder, we also saw the other side of this bizarre cabin turnover incident from another angle:

The "notification letter" of the freight forwarder F involved:

Notification Letter of Ningbo **International Logistics Co., Ltd.

This is scheduled to be an online event in the circle of friends on September 19: our company entrusts * * Hainingbo to Houston HQ.8900 booking. Position * * sea released, until the cut-off, * * sea only found that the bill of lading number of their company other business put cabin to other freight forwarders, and then around the circle back to * * sea other business hands, released business cost 9100 around the circle to their other business hands into 8700USD put cabin to us 8900USD.

Our company had no knowledge of this matter until the cut-off so **sea found out that this ticket was their own position around. Our company has no contact with many of them who have changed hands. So far, it has been said that the circle of friends has had a bad influence on the vast number of customers and friends,

Our company is consistent with all colleagues and abhors this kind of hand-in-hand, which seriously damages the interests and time of customers and peers! Once again, I would like to make a special statement to correct any position in Ningbo * * International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Our company will bear all the problems in the whole process, and will not shirk or shrink back! Will 100 guarantee the interests and services of every customer, if there is any problem, our company will bear and solve it! Hope that the majority of colleagues and customers know! Together to achieve integrity, fairness and justice to serve every customer!

Ningbo * * International Logistics Co., Ltd.


▲ Official Notification Letter of Cheated Freight Forwarder F


The "Notice" of Forwarder A involved:

* * notice of sea cross-border e-commerce logistics co., ltd.

Based on the impact of the recent online transmission incident, our company, as the relevant party and potential victim of the incident, made the following truthful statements to restore the truth:

  1. There is no problem with the space sold by the company. After the cabin is released, salesman A sells the space to a company in Shandong Province.

2. Company B salesman from the XX to the company to get low-priced space, and sold to the relevant peers, and finally by its peer customers to sell to direct customers.

3Because the two salesmen of company AB got the cabin from different generations and handed it to different operation teams for cut-off, and both of them insisted on indicating the cabin they took directly from the shipping company, our company has been in a state of ignorance.

4. After checking the data, it was found that the cut-off information of the two sales spaces was completely consistent. Our company actively communicated with the customers of both parties in the first place, but both parties claimed to sell the space to direct passengers. In order to find out the source of repeated accommodation, our company immediately made two actions:

  1. Immediately contacted the shipping company to lock in MBL to ensure that the rights and interests of the final real customers were protected.

2. Let the peers on the two lines sort out their first and second homes, and provide the final customer's loading information and the relevant information of the real factory, face to face.

In the process of investigation, our company has locked the real source of shipping space, and has been arguing that they are the real generation until XX, but they can't get the list. After investigation, their source of shipping space is a company in Shandong. At the same time, the peers of the other line fed back that their cabin was finally given to a company in Shandong, and the truth has come to light since then.

**Hai Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Co., Ltd.


▲ Announcement of Freight Forwarder A Involved


Liars are not terrible. Liars have culture and are not terrible. What they fear most is that cheaters understand the freight forwarders and the market, and they also especially understand the mentality of freight forwarders to pick up cheap prices!

In the next period of time, the freight rate difference will become more and more unprofitable, and the market scams will emerge one after another. The majority of foreign trade export and freight forwarding logistics enterprises need to strengthen their risk awareness!