What will happen if the goods are not picked up at the destination airport


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After the goods arrive at the destination airport, if no one takes delivery of the goods within a certain period of time, different customs will take different measures for the goods. Customs in some countries will destroy them; The customs of some countries will require the original way to return, but the return will involve the storage cost of the cargo at the destination airport. If the consignee intends to abandon the cargo, it needs to provide the abandonment declaration to the airline, and the disposal fee and storage fee incurred at the destination airport shall be paid by the consignee or the consignor.

Analysis of the consequences if the destination port does not take delivery of the goods:

1: High storage fees at the destination port;

2: If it is not processed for a long time, it will be auctioned by the local customs. Some countries stipulate that the customer has the priority to auction, such as India;

3: A small part of freight forwarding orders will cause direct release of orders to customers, such a situation, the probability is low.

In this case, we should actively respond to it, rather than passively waiting for customer reply, the greater the loss. Generally, it will be auctioned by the customs within three months. If the money auctioned is not enough to offset the storage cost, your company will have to pay the remaining cost.


Specific countermeasures are as follows:

1. Quickly contact other local customers and try to deal with the goods at a low price and resell them locally;

2: in the comprehensive balance of transportation cost and value of goods, handle the return, minimize the loss;

3: If the value of the goods is low, it can be auctioned by customs through the procedure.

4. Try different ways to contact customers.


The above several programs can be promoted at the same time, must not passively wait, actively strive for, the purpose is to minimize the loss.

Especially now under the situation of global economic downturn, the invisible risk of foreign trade has increased a lot. Remind small partners to do foreign trade, we must be cautious about negotiating orders. In this case, you can also try to contact other customers in this country, and ask other customers to help find out the specific situation of the company, so as to find more ways and ways out. Foreign trade is not easy, and line and cherish.