What is DDP air freight?

Many friends who do import and export transportation services often come into contact with DDP air freight, so what does DDP air transportation mean? What role does DDP air freight terms play in logistics transportation services?

DDP air freight
1. What is DDP air freight?
DDP air freight is an abbreviation of a term in international trade. The unloaded goods are handed over to the buyer to complete the delivery. The seller must bear all risks and costs of transporting the goods to the named destination, including any taxes and fees payable at the destination when customs formalities are required.
2. The role of DDP air freight clauses in international trade
The term applies to various modes of transport, but the DAP term should be used when the goods are delivered on board a ship or terminal at the port of destination. This term should not be used if the seller cannot directly or indirectly obtain an import license. However, if the parties wish to exclude from the seller's obligations all costs to be paid for any import, this should be expressly stated in the sales contract. DDU terminology should be used when the parties expect the buyer to bear the risks and costs of importing.
Since the details of the charges involved in the DDP air freight terms are more complicated, a professional freight forwarder plays a very important role in this process.