ocean shipping china to panama Mexico USA Canada brand goods Freight Forwarder Companies

Ocean shipping china to panama Mexico USA


Ocean shipping china to panama Mexico USA Canada brand goods Freight Forwarder Companies

Why Choose our Shipping service?
Stable channel- foreign dedicated lines. The Company has opened United Kingdom dedicated line,United States dedicated line, Canada dedicated line, Europe dedicated line. These lines are stable and operate all year-round and have no intermediate price difference! In addition, we provide professional customs clearance, double-clear taxation, and set a
professional customs clearance team, which is proficient in customs clearance process and rules in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Europe, customs clearance rate is higher!

100% Safe, No Risk 100% risk guarantee, cargo loss or damage will be fully compensated. 45 Cooperated Airlines, 500 Shipping Lines 8 major China airports, 45 cooperated airlines and more than 500 routes for you choices.

Ability to Handle Sensitive/Dangerous Cargo If your cargo falls under the dangerous cargo classification. In doing so, we will be able to help you select the most suitable shipping channel for you.

Professional Customer Service Team Professional and experienced customer service team with a maximum of 8 years and an average of more than 4 years experience in air freight forwarding industry.

One-Stop Peace of Mind Service Vita Air Transport provides one-stop service such as pick-up from supplier, agent inspection, packaging, customs declaration, trucking etc., and arrives on time.

producet name:

ocean shipping china to panama Mexico

sea Freight

Dry 20FT, 40FT, 40HQ, open top Container,reefer container etc

shipping way

Large cargo or over-length goods

RORO shipment:

Big truck or big machine, soybean etc


All main port of China like Shenzhen Shanghai Guangzhou Tianjin Qingdao Xiamen Ningbo HongKong etc


panama Mexico