What fees are included in best LCL service


The best LCL service is a relative term for the transportation of the whole box of goods, which means that the small-ticket goods that cannot be filled in a full box need to be exported.
The best LCL service generally cannot accept the designation of a specific shipping company. The shipping company only accepts the booking of the whole container of goods, and does not directly accept the booking of the LCL cargo. Only after the LCL cargo is consolidated through the freight forwarder can it be ordered from the shipping company. In the cabin, almost all LCL goods are transported through the "centralized handling and distribution" of freight forwarding companies.
Different places, different ports, different cargo loan/shipping companies, the cost of best LCL service is different. Especially the sea freight, the difference in the cost of different shipping companies is even more alarming.

best LCL service
Best LCL service fee:
1. The cost of best LCL service by sea generally includes: delivery fee, payment for customs clearance (customs declaration) fee, sea freight, LCL fee, document fee, charges at the port of destination, customs clearance fee, and delivery fee.
2. Generally, the costs of arriving at the port are: delivery fee, customs clearance (customs declaration) fee, sea freight, LCL fee, document fee,
3. The goods of one party will be charged according to the amount of sea freight per party, and then add some fixed fees such as: document fee, LCL fee, delivery fee, customs declaration fee, etc. Provide the specific where to go to the freight forwarder, and the freight forwarder will give you a quotation.