EVERGREEN LINE From May 1, this charge will be increased by 50% at US destination ports

Evergreen Marine recently issued a "price hike notice", saying that from May 1, the US destination port frame fee will increase by 50%, from US $80 to US $120 per container. Frame usage fee applies to all shipments in the US states using the standard frame provided by the carrier, USD80,120percontainer For standard dry goods and special equipment dry goods, frame usage is calculated by adding 4 business days from the date of replacement, i.e., Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not included.

$80 per case becomes $120 per case

Evergreen Marine recently issued a "price hike notice," saying it would increase its charges for frames at U.S. destinations by 50 percent from May 1: $120 per case, up from $80.

Dear Esteemed Customer and to whom it may concern,
We hereby to inform you that we are going to implement Chassis Usage Charge - Port ofDischarge (CUC/D) on May 01, 2023with FMC filing. The details are as follows for your commercial consideration:
Rule:@21-C04 Chassis Usage Charge - Port of Discharge (CUC/D)
Effective date: May 01,2023
Chassis Usage Charge - in the United States only.
Notwithstanding any other terms, provisions and conditions of the Carrier\'s larif rule or Equipment lnterchange Agreements setforth in this Tarifincluding subsequent amendments and revision thereto, governing the interchangeand use by ShippersConsignees or their agents of equipment provided by theCarrier, the following chassis usages rules shal apply
Chassis Usage Charge (CUC/D) (iitial period of use). A chassis usage chargeshall apply to all shipments that are destined to Usstates for which a Carrier-provided standard chassis with not more than 2 axles is used in theUnited States.
For Dry Standard and Dry Special Equipment Cargo :
Chassis usage shall be calculated from the day of interchange plus four (4) working days, i.e. excluding Saturday, Sundays andHolidays.
USD 80 120 per container
For Reefer Cargo :
Chassis usage shall be calculated from the day of interchange plus three (3)working days, i. excluding Saturday, Sundays and Holidays.
USD 80 120 per container