Strike hard! Interview notify freight forwarding enterprises, set card suspension processing


Accidents such as the concealment of dangerous goods and the non-compliance of the export of battery products frequently occur in the domestic customs inspection. Recently, many ports and shipping companies have issued relevant notices.


Ningbo Zhoushan Port has launched a crackdown on enterprises that illegally export fireworks, effective April 1


Zhoushan Port of Ningbo and Yigang Tong of Zhejiang Province jointly issued an announcement on further strengthening the crackdown on illegal export of fireworks and firecrackers.

Starting April 1, 2023, restrictions and measures will be further tightened on units and vehicles transporting illegally exported fireworks into Hong Kong, the statement said.

Specific restrictions and treatment measures:


The illegal transportation of fireworks and firecrackers set cards shall be suspended:

Days of suspension: The vehicles notified for the first time in the Notice will be suspended for 5 days, the vehicles notified for the second time will be suspended for 7 days, and the vehicles notified for three or more times will be suspended for 10 days each time. If the law enforcement departments have other opinions on handling the case, they will be combined with the opinions of the law enforcement departments.

Interview, notification and business restriction measures shall be imposed on the transportation enterprises belonging to the import cards of illegal fireworks and firecrackers and the container forwarding enterprises involved (booking forwarders who sign fee collection agreements with ports) :

Transportation companies and freight forwarders involved in the illegal export of fireworks for the first time will be interviewed and kept on file. Meanwhile, transportation companies will be suspended from handling entry permits for 10 days and freight forwarders will be given a 10% increase in the amount of advance deposits.


The detailed measures are as follows: Announcement on further strengthening the crackdown on illegal export of fireworks and firecrackers


In addition, on March 8, the public account of Guangzhou Nansha Port Co., Ltd. issued a "Notice on the concealment of dangerous goods".

The port said it would terminate business cooperation with relevant units if it found false reporting of dangerous goods. And bear all liabilities, losses and expenses arising therefrom. At the same time, it will be reported to relevant government departments in accordance with the law.


Published by Cosco Shipping Consolidated

Notice to Customers on Reiterating Correct Declaration of Goods Information


On 23rd, Cosco Shipping Lines released the "on the correct declaration of cargo information to reiterate the notice to customers".

The notice said that a number of recent transport safety incidents caused by improper declaration of dangerous goods have occurred in the industry, urging shippers not to conceal, misreport, misreport or omit the name of the declared goods and the level of the dangerous nature.

With regard to lithium battery cargo in particular, it reiterates that no matter in what way or whether they are classified as dangerous goods (according to international maritime Hazard Regulations), as long as the cargo contains lithium batteries, it must fulfill its duty of consignment and declare truthfully.

If the violator will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Zhongyuan Sea freight and will suffer all losses and expenses to the shipper for recovery.


The General Administration of Customs will start this year

"Crack down on the import and export of dangerous goods false concealment" special action


On March 20, the Information Office of The State Council held the 11th of a series of press conferences on the theme of "Opening Remarks of Authoritative Departments", introducing relevant information on "guarding the entrance of the country, promoting development and contributing customs forces to promoting Chinese-style modernization".

At the meeting, Sun Yuning, deputy director of the General Administration of Customs, said that since last year, due to the impact of the epidemic, some imported dangerous goods have been overpiled at ports, combined with the high temperature, increasing the risk of production safety.

In response, the General Administration of Customs launched a 100-day "Comprehensive Control of dangerous Goods at ports" at customs nationwide, clearing more than 2,400 batches of dangerous goods backlog at ports due to the epidemic, investigating more than 1,600 batches of false and concealed reports, and filing more than 500 cases of administrative punishment. The overall time for dangerous goods clearance has been reduced by more than 60%, ensuring the safe and stable operation of ports.

Sun Yuning introduced that with the acceleration of economic recovery and recovery, the import and export of dangerous goods increased significantly. Meanwhile, dangerous goods at ports still exist illegal problems such as "not reporting in relation to danger", "underreporting in high risk" and "less reporting in more danger", which has put forward a severe test to the safety and effective supervision of customs. This year, we will do our work in the following three areas:

First, continue to carry out concentrated rectification. Last year's 100-day campaign reduced the risk of dangerous goods staying at the port. This year, we launched a six-year-long special action to "crack down on the falsification and concealment of import and export dangerous goods", adhering to the combination of "crack down, control and shock and awe", comprehensively strengthening risk prevention and control, on-site supervision and follow-up inspection, improving the chain of supervision, and achieving a "complete game" of customs law enforcement across the country. At the same time, we will strengthen the linkage of law enforcement and work with relevant departments to build a "net" of safety supervision.

Second, we will promote regular governance. We need to solidify the good experience and practices formed in the special operations and take them as regular measures to prevent a rebound in port detention, maintain a high pressure situation to crack down on false and hidden reports, and make it convenient and smooth for law-abiding and difficult for lawbreakers to do anything. At the same time, the efficiency of dangerous goods entry and exit supervision should be improved, and the reform of dangerous goods supervision and inspection mode should be deepened. Currently, pilot projects have been carried out at five ports, including Shanghai, and will be extended to the whole country on the basis of summary and evaluation.

Third, guard against major security risks. To be specific, while doing a good job in the comprehensive control of dangerous goods at ports, we should also focus on key areas such as port health quarantine, animal and plant quarantine, food safety, law enforcement operation safety and laboratory safety. We should repeatedly grasp and grasp repeatedly, continue to do a good job in the investigation, ranking and elimination of safety risks, adhere to prevention, and keep the safety bottom line and supervision red line.

Once again remind the majority of consigners, dangerous goods can not be hidden, be sure to declare truthfully!! Concealment is likely to lead to serious accidents, facing huge fines, serious cases will bear criminal responsibility! Forward the post ~