Questions and answers about China DDP air freight

What is China DDP air freight?
China DDP air freight is a type of delivery where the seller takes responsibility for all risk and fees of shipping goods until they reach their destination.
What is China DDP air freight vs DAP air freight?
The main difference between China DDP air freight and DAP air freight is delivery to destination and who is responsible for import duty, taxes and security clearance. Under China DDP air freight, the seller assumes the maximum responsibility in costs and risk from the beginning to the end. Under DAP air freight, the buyer bears the costs and taxes of import clearance.
What is China DDP air freight charges?
The term Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) is used in international trade to describe a deal wherein the seller of goods agrees to bear all costs until the goods reach the destination mutually agreed upon in the contract.
Is China DDP air freight more expensive?
China DDP air freight is more expensive on the front-end, but it results in a positive customer experience during delivery. To make things easier, you can include these duties/taxes at checkout, collect them from the customer, and pay for DDP shipping.