What are the benefits of FCL service from China

In daily work, many foreign trade companies mostly prefer sea transportation when importing and exporting goods. Especially those with a large volume of goods exported. There are two options for sea freight, FCL service and LCL. For such large volumes of goods, it is generally recommended to choose FCL service from China. So what are the benefits of choosing the FCL service from China?
(1) FCL service from China can improve loading and unloading efficiency and reduce labor intensity
During the entire shipping process, since the goods are operated in containers, the overall loading and unloading speed will be faster if the full container service is selected, and it will also save a lot of work for the staff.
(2) FCL service from China can improve the utilization rate of transportation means
Due to the improvement of loading and unloading efficiency, the time of staying in the port is shortened, the sailing time of each sea transportation is shortened, and the utilization rate of transportation means is improved.

FCL service from China
(3) FCL service from China can speed up capital turnover
Because the time for the goods to stay in the port is short, coupled with the use of high-speed transportation organization and the simplification of procedures during the transportation process, the delivery speed of the goods is much faster, which can shorten the cycle of the buyer's goods funds. For sellers, the transfer point of container goods can be changed from the port to "door-to-door" service transfer. In this way, for both parties, the turnover rate of working capital occupied by the transportation of goods has been significantly improved.
(4) FCL service from China can save packing fee and various miscellaneous fees
Since the container can protect the goods during transportation, when the goods are transported using them, the transportation packaging can be simplified and the packaging cost can be saved. In addition, it can reduce the number of tally and customs procedures caused by repacking during transportation, so it can save a lot in terms of costs.