Sea freight surcharges in the sea shipping from china to usa cost


In the sea shipping from china to usa cost, in addition to the normal freight charges, there are various additional charges in the freight forwarding bill, such as fuel surcharges, currency depreciation charges, terminal handling charges...
Sea shipping from china to usa cost - bunker surcharge (BAF)
Due to the rise of fuel oil prices, the fuel oil expenses of the ship exceed the fuel oil expenses in the original approved transportation costs. The shipping company charges additional surcharges to compensate for the increase in fuel oil expenses without adjusting the basic freight rate.
Sea shipping from china to usa cost - low sulfur fuel surcharge (LSS):
A surcharge charged to cover the increased cost of using low-sulfur fuel for ships sailing in the new SOx emission control area.
Sea shipping from china to usa cost - currency depreciation fee (CAF):
Due to the change of the exchange rate in the international financial market, the currency depreciated and the shipping company charges additional fees to make up for the loss in the currency exchange process.
Sea shipping from china to usa cost - Terminal Handling Charge (THC):
The cost incurred between the goods from the ship's side to the container yard.
Sea shipping from china to usa cost - other common surcharges
Surcharges derived from cargo characteristics, such as overweight, overlength, and oversized surcharges; surcharges derived from transportation and port reasons, such as direct flight surcharges, transshipment surcharges, port surcharges, etc.; temporary surcharges, Such as port congestion surcharges, deviation surcharges, port selection surcharges, change of unloading port surcharges, peak season surcharges, etc.; surcharges derived from other reasons, such as container imbalance surcharges, safety surcharges, inland fuel surcharges fee etc.