Contents of sea shipping from china to usa cost


In addition to the basic cost, various additional surcharges will be generated in the sea shipping from china to usa cost. Common surcharges include port congestion surcharge (THC), fuel surcharge (BAF) and currency depreciation surcharge (CAF), etc.
The basic freight refers to the most basic transportation fee that the carrier should charge for the transportation of each batch or container of goods. It is the main component of the sea shipping from china to usa cost.
Port Congestion Surcharge: Refers to the temporary surcharge imposed on the goods transported to the port of discharge due to the prolonged berthing time caused by the congestion of the ship.

sea shipping from china to usa cost
Bunker surcharge (BAF): generally refers to the fee charged when the fuel has to be replenished at a price higher than the general level or higher than the price of the commonly used fuel oil. Usually, the oil price and its difference will be passed on to each ton of goods or Apportioned to the base rate.
Currency depreciation surcharge (CAF):
Because regular routes usually involve countries that use more than two different currencies, their freight rates must be denominated in a more stable currency, which in most cases is based on the US dollar. If the stability of the main currency is relatively poor, the exchange of currencies of more than two countries under the jurisdiction of the guild will change. The fee charged to make up for the loss of this difference is the so-called currency depreciation surcharge.
Most of the sea shipping from china to usa cost include the above items.