How much is the cheapest shipping from china to usa


The United States is a major economic country in the country, and my country's economic exchanges with the United States are also very large. Due to the relatively large trade exchanges, there are also more international transportation between the two places. Based on the recent shipping costs from China to the US, this article will tell you about the current cheapest shipping from china to usa, for reference only.
The cheapest shipping from china to usa vary depending on the item being shipped.
First of all, for ordinary items to the United States, the shipping fee is about 170 yuan for the first weight and 60 yuan for the additional weight. The reference time limit is generally around a dozen working days.
The cheapest shipping from china to usa is by sea, but there is a minimum weight requirement for sea freight, generally more than 30 kg. The unit price will be cheaper. Common items are expected to be around 50 yuan per kilogram.
If the items sent to the United States are special items, such as: food, tea, medicine, cosmetics, electronic products, or clothing, shoes and bags of international brands, the shipping fee will be more expensive than ordinary items.
The above is the cheapest shipping from china to usa summarized at present.