China shipping agent to Canada company share the shipping process


China shipping agent to Canada company share the shipping process
1. Find a carrier: Unlike domestic express, international freight has more restrictions on transporting goods, and the process of direct order delivery can basically not meet the actual needs. Therefore, it is generally necessary to find a China shipping agent to Canada company to contact its salesperson for confirmation. For carriers, we need to look at the following points:
a. Do you have a company name? Now, some forwarders do not have a company at all. They directly pick up the goods in their own name, and run away if there is a problem.
b. Check the company's establishment time and whether it has bad records.

China shipping agent to Canada company
2. Comparison: After finding a regular China shipping agent to Canada company, the next step is to compare, because there are many freight forwarding companies that do not violate regulations, but there are not many powerful companies. Mainly examine several aspects:
a. Whether there is a formal physical warehouse and whether the management is qualified, because the warehouse is an important part of the safety of goods. If possible, it is good to go to visit the China shipping agent to Canada company on the spot.
b. Whether the business ability is strong, only the business ability can directly solve the problems in the shipping.
c. Whether the quality of the salesman is good, for example, whether he is enthusiastic and patient, and whether he can find a solution if there is a problem. Because it is different from domestic logistics, the freight forwarding clerk is the direct handler of international freight, and it is very troublesome to encounter an unqualified freight forwarding clerk.
d. The price, whether the price is reasonable, is not meant to be cheap, but it must be within a reasonable range.
3. Delivery: According to the delivery address and warehouse entry number given by the freight forwarding customer service, the goods will be delivered to the freight forwarding warehouse.
4. Payment and receipt: After the goods arrive at the port for customs clearance, China shipping agent to Canada company will arrange for delivery (according to the agreed mode of transportation, it can also be picked up by yourself). When receiving the goods: a. Pay attention to check whether the quantity is correct; b. Whether the outer packaging of the item is damaged.