Air cargo from China to usa


Air cargo from China to USA

There are two types of air cargo: general and special.

General Cargo - general cargo is made up of physical products, including everything from electronics to pharmaceuticals
Special Cargo - special cargo refers to anything that requires special attention or care, including live animals, potentially dangerous chemicals, and anything that requires refrigeration or freezing to maintain freshness
To have cargo shipped by air, you need to have an air waybill (AWB). The AWB is a written contract that outlines the conditions of the sale between the seller and buyer. The AWB will include a tracking number you can use to check the progress of the shipment.

Using air freight from China to the USA ensures fast transit time, albeit at a higher cost than sea freight. You can even select express air freight for faster delivery.

Fast delivery
Can cost more than slower shipment methods
Limits according to size and weight