Classification of international shipping freight forwarders


An international shipping freight forwarder refers to a person who accepts the entrustment of the consignor and handles the customs declaration, handover, warehousing, allocation, inspection, packaging, packing, transshipment, booking and other businesses of the ocean cargo on behalf of the consignor within the scope of legal authorization. international shipping freight forwarders belong to a category of international freight forwarders.

international shipping freight forwarder
There are two types of international shipping freight forwarders: one is a pure freight forwarder, that is, an agency of various shipping companies, which can provide cargo owners with dedicated line freight services; the other is a non-vessel carrier, which can be seen literally, The freight forwarder does not have a ship, but can accept entrusted booking. But most of the existing international shipping freight forwarder companies are mostly a combination of the two. So what is the difference between these two freight forwarders? The biggest difference is that the former has no right to issue its own bill of lading, it can only be the bill of lading of the shift company, that is, the bill of lading of the shipping company. The latter has the right to issue its own bill of lading, and freight charges are free to increase. So what is the job content of an international shipping freight forwarder company? Mainly to accept the entrusted booking of shippers; trailers; warehousing; packaging; customs declaration; insurance...