How to choose the Way to Ship from China to Canada?


The cheapest ways to ship from China to Canada include the following:

  • Shipping in non-peak times
  • Transporting products in big quantities
  • Shipping non-sensitive merchandise
  • Working with a reliable freight forwarding company

International shipping is never cheap, but there are ways to keep your expenses within your budget. The first step you should do is to find a reliable freight forwarder to work with. They can provide you with good shipping deals through their network and assets. Shipping in non-peak times also increases your options as there are many available carriers to choose from.

Also, calculate how much you want to ship and decide which method to select. Bear in mind that express and air freight is generally more expensive than sea freight. If you're shipping non-urgent cargo, we recommend sea freight and bulk shipping. The more products you transport in one go, the less you have to pay for repetitive shipping.