Precautions for China LCL service


1. China LCL service should pay attention to the relevant transportation terms
When negotiating a deal with the customer, special attention should be paid to the relevant shipping terms, so as not to find that the shipping terms cannot be met only when the customer's letter of credit is issued when the customer handles the consignment. Sometimes LC requires not to accept the forwarding bill of lading, but China LCL service can only ship the bill of lading, so at this time you can only choose the whole container.
2. In China LCL service, do not specify a specific shipping company for the LCL cargo
The shipping company only accepts bookings for FCL cargo, not LCL cargo directly. Only after the LCL cargo is consolidated through the freight forwarder can the booking be made to the shipping company. Due to the limited supply of goods, general freight forwarders can only book space with a few shipping companies, and rarely meet the needs of the designated shipping companies. Therefore, in China LCL service, try not to specify the shipping company when transacting the LCL cargo, in order to avoid When handling the consignment, it cannot meet the requirements of the designated shipping company and cannot ship the goods.

China LCL service
3. The billing weight of the goods in China LCL service should be accurate
The customer's LCL cargo must be accurately measured in advance of the weight of the goods before delivery, and the goods must be re-measured when they arrive at the warehouse, and this is the standard. In China LCL service, if the factory changes the packaging, the factory should be required to notify the factory in time. Do not wait for the goods to arrive at the warehouse and then feed back the information. The time is often very tight. If you change the customs declaration documents at this time, it is easy to delay the customs declaration, or generate additional charges. Urgent declaration fees and port charges, etc. Therefore, be sure to accurately measure the weight of your goods before delivery.