Sea freight from China to USA


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Sea freight from China to USA

Sea freight shipping is another option for importing from China, and one of the most common methods of international shipment.

To calculate the cost of your sea freight delivery, you’ll need the following:

Certificate of origin

10-digit tariff classification number

Incoterms (International commercial terms)

Once you’re comfortable with the initial price, you’ll need to request a freight quote from a shipping logistics company. This quote will determine the shipping cost from China.

You then provide the freight company with your supplier’s contact information, and they’ll handle the shipping container’s journey from China to the USA.

For many, sea freight is the cheapest shipping method from China to USA.

Freight forwarder from China to USA The third most popular option for shipping from China to the US is to use a freight forwarder.  A freight forwarder is an intermediary that will handle all of the shipping logistics on your behalf.   Freight forwarders will use sea or air freight, and have expertise in preparing the necessary documents to carry out the shipment.  They may also have access to shipping networks, and knowledge of the best shipping routes from China to the USA.  This can speed up the process and make it convenient for small businesses to receive shipments from China.   Plus, door-to-door shipping from China to the USA is possible through freight services, meaning you can have the goods delivered to your address.