How freight forwarders serve shippers


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How forwarders serve shippers


The forwarder undertakes any of the formalities in the different carriages of goods on behalf of the consignor:


1. Arrange suitable cargo packaging and choose the transportation route of goods in the fastest and most economical transportation mode.


2. Suggest warehousing and distribution to customers.


3. Select a reliable and efficient carrier and be responsible for concluding a contract of carriage.


4. Arrange the weighing and measurement of goods.


5. Apply for cargo insurance.


6. Consolidation of goods.


7. Store the goods before shipment or before the destination allocates the goods.


8. Arrange the transportation of goods to the port, go through the formalities of customs and relevant documents, and hand over the goods to the carrier.


9. Undertake freight, duties and taxes on behalf of the shipper/importer.


10. Handle any foreign exchange transactions related to the transportation of goods.


11. Obtain various signed bills of lading from the carrier and hand them over to the consignor.

12. Supervise the transportation process of the goods by contacting the carrier's agent in the freight forwarder abroad, and let the shipper know the whereabouts of the goods.