Dp World takes delivery of Europe's largest wharf crane (to be launched at London Gateway)

DP World has taken delivery of Europe's largest dock crane at its flagship logistics hub, London Gateway, in its latest investment to boost the UK's future trading capacity.

The giant cranes, weighing 2,000 tonnes, will be operational in London's new fourth berth at the Gateway Port this summer.


After a two-month journey from China, the dock crane arrived at London's gateway over the weekend and successfully unloaded its cargo on February 21. The cranes are expected to operate for at least 25 years and are large enough to serve the world's largest ships today, including 24,000 TEU container ships, as well as larger ships in the future.

Ahsan Agha, Vice President, London Gateway Port Operations, DP World, commented: "At a time when the pressure to manage costs, maintain reliability and improve speed is unprecedented, DP World has built a unique set of assets and capabilities in the UK to help our customers remain competitive in a rapidly changing and unpredictable trading environment.

"While they naturally choose us for our growing capabilities, the quality of our service is also what keeps our customers staying." With the capacity to be provided by the quay cranes and the new fourth berth, London Gateway's services are well established for years to come."

Dp World said the cranes, the largest and most advanced in Europe, are equipped with the latest automation technology and are capable of completing tandem lifts, loading and unloading two 40-foot boxes or four 20-foot boxes at a time.

A further two quay cranes are expected to dock at London Gate Wharf in early summer. Before that, automatic stacking cranes (ASCs) and electric straddle carriers will also be put into service at the new fourth berth.