The difference between shipping truck delivery and shipping delivery


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Sea delivery and truck delivery are actually the difference between fast and slow ships. The first journey is by sea, Sea delivery dispatch is to the port customs clearance after unpacking, the last delivery is by express delivery. The truck delivery is to the port customs clearance after unpacking, the final delivery by truck.

1, Sea delivery is more suitable for small goods

Sea delivery Dispatch is delivered from door to door by UPS/Fedex after shipping to port. However, the net weight of a single piece of goods is limited, the weight of a single piece of goods shall not exceed 30KG, and the length of one side of the outer package of a single piece shall not exceed 120cm.

2, truck delivery is more suitable for large quantities of goods, oversized goods

 truck delivery is delivered door to door by truck after shipping arrives at port. There are NO restrictions on the length and weight of goods on one side, so most of the goods that cannot be delivered by Sea delivery School due to restrictions can be delivered by  truck delivery.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of  truck delivery and Sea delivery

When delivering Amazon FBA overseas warehouse at the end, Sea delivery dispatch can be delivered to FBA warehouse at any time without making an appointment, so the delivery time is relatively fast. But if there is a peak season burst, it will be more unstable.

truck delivery uses the logistics company's own truck fleet, after all, it is the logistics company's own control, so it can ensure that the goods are delivered daily. truck delivery logistics time is about 15-23 days, the eastern and central United States is about a little later, about 15-28 days to go. The timeliness of the general ship is about one month. It can also choose different means of transportation according to actual needs, and the cost will be cheaper than Sea delivery.

3. How to calculate the cost of  truck delivery and Sea delivery

 truck delivery is a billing method for scheduled delivery and warehousing of terminal trucks, based on the quantity of cubic meters (CBM).

Sea delivery is UPS and other express delivery into the warehouse, according to how many KG to charge. The sea freight should be judged according to the situation of the goods, such as the volume of the goods, net weight, whether it is long, heavy and so on. In case of door to door shipping or delivery to the specified overseas storage address, the price should be recalculated according to the detailed address.



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