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Exploring the Versatility of 40RH Reefer Containers

​​​​​​​Refrigerated containers, particularly the 40RH Reefer Container, stand as indispensable tools in modern logistics, catering to diverse needs across international shipments, storage solutions, and cooling warehouses. Crafted meticulously to transport perishable goods like food and fruits, these containers ensure stringent temperature control from farm to table.

Good News: Indonesia Imported Cosmetic Products Customs Clearance Announces New Deal (with Customs Clearance Document Requirements)

Recently, under the instruction of Indonesian President Joko, Trade Minister Decree No. 8 of 2024 (Permendag 8/2024) was issued urgently and took effect immediately. The urgent issuance of Trade Minister Order No. 8 in 2024 is regarded as a remedy for the large number of containers stranded in Indonesian ports caused by the promulgation of Trade Minister Order No. 36 in Permendag (2023/2023).

EU countries will strictly control plastic packaging waste (cross-border e-commerce sellers & foreign traders exporting to Europe, please note)

The European Parliament has approved a new agreement to improve the sustainability of packaging in the EU and reduce packaging waste. The agreement requires EU countries to strictly limit the amount of plastic packaging waste, aiming to improve safety and promote a circular economy by reducing, reusing and recycling packaging (reduce, reuse and recycle packaging).

CMA CGM imposes surcharge on outbound cargo from South America's largest container terminal (Brazilian port company is persuading)

Carolina Brown, TCP commercial director of Brazil's Paranagua Port Project (TCP), said the company is trying to dissuade a logistics company from imposing a surcharge on outbound cargo at South America's largest container terminal.

Exploring the Versatility and Advantages of New and Used 20GP Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have revolutionized the way we store and transport goods across the globe. Among the various types available, the 20GP (General Purpose) shipping container stands out due to its convenient size and robust construction. Whether you're purchasing a new or used container, there are several compelling reasons why a 20GP container could be an excellent investment.

Just now, the Ningbo market was shocked by the freight forwarding version of the "Wolf Killing" game: starting with space 9400, 8400 sale

On the one hand, the market freight rate continues to plummet, on the other hand, the export volume is sluggish. Now the freight forwarders, especially those who make a living by selling shipping space and earning price difference, have a hard time!