Free storage period refers to the time allowed for free storage at the terminal, and the port detention fee will be charged if it exceeds. The exemption period for container stacks in the terminal depends on the regulations of the terminal.
The container-free period and the container-free period are two different concepts. Free storage period refers to the time when your containers are stacked in the port area. After the free container period, there will be a fee every day. This fee is charged according to the shipping company's regulations, which is the demurrage fee. That is to say, the shipping company's box you use exceeds the free box usage time, and the shipping company will charge you a demurrage fee. Exceeding the storage time is to pay an overdue fee, which refers to the cost of overdue storage (occupying the use of the dock) for containers that have not been removed (emptied) after the free storage (usage) time stipulated by the terminal is exceeded. This fee and demurrage fee are completely two concepts