It refers to the free container use time, and the demurrage fee will be charged if it is exceeded. This period depends on the regulations of different shipping companies.
The free container period refers to the use time of your box, which is the period from when the goods are picked up at the yard to when the container is returned. The free box is to deal with shipping companies. After the heavy containers arrive at the port of destination, they can generally be stored for a few days at the terminal for free, and the boxes can also be used for a few days for free. You can apply for an extension of the container-free period at the port of departure, depending on the specific shipping company\route. After the time has passed, the demurrage fee will be charged. If the free container period is up, the owner can talk to the freight forwarder and ask him to write an application to the shipping company to try to extend the free container period by about three or four days. The company has a large cargo volume and has a contract with the shipping company, and you can apply for a 14-20 days free container period.