About the knowledge of port of loading

About the knowledge of port of loading

The port of transit is called also called “ the place of transit”it means the cargo transport from port of departure to DESTINATION,and through the third port,you can stay,loading,full,.etc. What’s the port of transit?We can called the cargo still can transport to DESTINATION by some charge shipping tools. There are have only first transit and ax exemption reason change bill transshipment.


The value of port of  Loading

The port of Loading is also called base port, so, The ships stay in port of transshipment is from A large ship in the main line of international shipping and feeder vessel plying ports in the region.

Port of discharge/place of delivery = Port of Loading/destination?

From ocean shipping freight said , The port of discharge is called Port of Loading ,place of delivery is called destination, when you booking space,you can just specify the delivery of place,or not transit shipmen, and reached which one port of transit is must be sure shipping company.

If that’s multimodal transport services, Port of discharge is called destination.place of delivery is called placed destination . because of some different of discharge can come out some price. So when you booking space you can specify  the Port of discharge.


The used of Port of Loading 

1、Tax exemption

Segmented transit, the port of  Loading be setting to free-trade port can reached tax exemption purpose,HK is free-trade port, IF the cargo to be transport loading in HK. You can have export tax exemption service and tax return allowance.

2、 Hold cargo

There is ships company transport loading. In International trades. Because of the reason of some cargo can not to transport.it need to hold cargo. The consigner can Request detention before ships company reached port of  Loading. Waiting the shipping company solve the problem and then transport the destination. It is easy to opreration than direct ship, but it is very expensive.

3、The code of port loading

The ships can stay some many port, so the ships can have many code of port loading in same port and The code of port loading .if consigner fill the wrong code , The container can not matching to entry the port , If matching and not truth the port loading, if entry the ships port but discharge port. It must higher price to transport once again.

About transfer terms

In international transfer trade. Because of the reason of place and political economy, the cargo needs to transfer in some port and place, You must make sure the port of loading when you booking , but it depend on ships company accept to transfer loading.

If yes. You can mark the terms. VIA ......with transshipment at........For example:

中转港 Port of Loading:中国上海 Shanghai China

目的港 Port of Destination:英国伦敦 London UK W/T Hong Kong