The process of freight forward ocean shipping operation

The process of freight forward ocean shipping operation


First step writing the booking, cstom must writing the shipping booking form,included consignee , container type, Port of shipment, port of destination, it is important to have uSeal or signature, because of some booking is counterfeit, Custom have a delivery with you that the booking is counterfeitEven if the booking is wrong.The responsibility rests with the customer.

Second stepbooking, you must supplied the booking to shipping companies to operation.

Thrid step:Arrange the truck ,Before release shipping space, Make the power of attorney to customs broker and towing broker, make sure Loading time and place


Fourth step: pick up container, TheS/O give the towing broker to pick up.


Fifth step:make container,you can contact custom to pick up container. Inter national freight logistics can packaging in Advance, carry on and make container.  


Sixth step:FID, you must return container before two days in closing period/, you can miss the Cut off and Shipment may be delayed, then the shipping company rise in price.


Seventh step: After FID. You must prepare the Packing list, commercial invoice (without customs declaration documents),DECLARATION CERTIFICATE OF ENTRUSTMENT,Foreign exchange verification, Invoice, packing list,
contract documents to custom broker.

Eighth. Release, after the release. The container can boarding.


Nineth step: Make sure bill of lading,after the boating set on. You can make sure the bill of lading from ships company with your custom ,International freight forward must to modification the bill as customs require. IF Custom require to modification it, you must to apply for trough it and replay back you ,you can to do it.


Tenth step:payee, you must can have the payee before the container cargo reached the destination.then you can payment to the ships to give the O riginal BL.


Eleventh step.Send the bill of lading to custom. You can choose good the express to send to custom, such as, DHL,MES,  in order to avoid any delay .


I hope the report can help you as professional international freight forward.