The Skills operation of Trade bulk cargo

The Skills operation  of Trade bulk cargo

Consolidatie is means LCL also named” consol”

The Consolidatie cargo in can not accept to transport by ships company,the ships can accept to booking for full container, not FCL. LCL cargo must through get together and pick up to transport by freight forward company.The area of huadong LCL container is shanghai port. Some cargo from freight forward agent company can be limited,you can only booking to some ships company, it can not satisfy some ships company. So.when you delivery for LCL container, don’t to accept the ships company. You can’t to manage your consign.

 When you talk about you custom about delivery . You must attention to transport term.

Sometime.we can meet with the LCL container can not to accept freight forward bill of lading from L/C. Because of ships company not accept to booking,the ships company’s bill of lading is to give the freight forward agent. Then the freight forward sign HOUSE B/L to send to consigner ,IF L/C not to accept the B/L from feight forward have no choice to handle the transport and cause the L/C have some problem. For example. You can find it” Goods must be shipped in container on LCL basis and Bill of Lading to evidence the same and to show that all LCL. handling charges, THC and delivery order charges at that port of discharges are prepaid.  From the L/C see., the consignee must pay for transfer the consigner; this is the consignee can not sure the transport term with custom.

The LCL bill of ton cargo must can be accurate before delivery , because of the factory can remeasure the size \ weight\ cost..If the package to have change. You must notice the factory, don’t wait the cargo come in warehousing.  So It is very time so no enough.if you change the report. It too late to customs clearance and cause of some Customs charges and flushing charges

Some destination port have not enough the LCL cargo, higher cost, Some LCL freight froward agent company can release the cost for small cargo,lowest transport ton for two , not enough two.Based on 2 transport tons,so if the cargo is very small and faraway , you must careful to this problem.

 For some routes and ports more remote, the custom require the cargo must delivery to LCL china need to know about, Make sure some ships company  and freight forward agent company can to handle it.