The air shiping service tips?

The air shiping service tips?

Consignment of goods: with the id certification and other valid certificates, Fill in the consignment form, Check in with the carrier. 

Packaging : the cargo packing can Conforming to civil aviation transport, it can’t Used 
Straw bag packaging and Straw rope bundle, the cargo should be writing the name of consignee and consignor details address.

Contraband goods:the cargo can not to take in dangerous goods and valuables prohibited or restricted in transportation. According to the nature of the goods or the conditions of transport,the consignment forms shall be filled in separately.  

The weight、volume,the cargo weight can not Over 80 kg,the volume can not over 40*60*100 cm, the cargo minimum volume can not over 40cm for Long, wide and high for minimum volume , the cargo volume / (kg.)can not over 6000 cubic centimeter for light cargo, the light cargo every 6000 cubic centimeters is equal to 1 kilogram.

The lowest shipping cost:internal transportation lowest cost is 60 CNY  

International consignment : you must check in delivery for custom report, and then the cargo can conform to cargo import and export trading term.after the cargo transport the destination. Air shipping company can notice consignee to receive the cargo.