How does the Freight forwarding service to consigner?

How does the Freight forwarding service to consigner?

1、The Freight forwarding must to undertake Some procedures for different of cargo.


2、To transport for fast and cheap cost, Arrange for Proper cargo packing.choose the cargo transport lines.


3、You can suggestion warehousing and sorter


4、Choose reliable and fast carrier to establish transport the contract


5、Arrange the cargo the weight 


6、Handle the cargo the insurance


7、Assembly of goods


8、 Storage the cargo before loading the goods and allocate the goods,


9、Arrange to transport goods destination. Handle to customs formalities and relevant documents, And deliver the goods to the carrier.

10、 Bear freight, customs duties and taxes Representing shipper and importer 


11、Handle to any cargo transport foreign exchange trading 


12、The Freight forwarding can gain the bills form carrier ,then delivery to consigner 


13、You can contact foreign freight forward Trough carried, Make sure the goods safety transport. And know about the goods transport line.