The processing of LCL cargo

The processing of LCL cargo

1. Order receiving
1)Receiving the contact and custom’s order ticket 
2)Check the details of the order, including the name of goods, shipping mark, weight, volume, number of pieces, freight and the port of destination and the port of departure required by the customer; 
3)If the destination port is a partial port.such as TUNIS、STOCKHOLM, the lowest change for 2CBM, you can notice the salesman .4)For freight collect, there will be a handling charge of USD20/BILL at destination  

2Contact custom to booking
 To know about the ships date you must contact the custom.
1)To know about when to  put in storage ,either to take delivery of goods.
2) Make sure to cooperation, according to the product name. boxes, the destination,S/O by custom.
3)Then send the warehouse receipt in our name to the customer together with the details required for customs clearance, such as depositing the warehouse order.  
4)take the telephone to contact to the problem
5)Remind customers to arrange goods in warehousing at a suitable time according to the closing time.

3Entry to warehousing
Follow up the warehousing of goods, check in the cargo Volume, weight, boxes is right.Usually the warehouse amount of data and customer's own amount of data will be slightly different .Generally, it is best to send the warehouse volume confirmation sheet to the customer for confirmation and return.  

4Customs clearance
1)Confirm that customs declaration documents have or not arrived in warehouse
2)If the document arrived, you can ask the customs declarant whether there is any problem with the declaration can to solved the problem with factory.

Now, the bulk cargo to customs clearance in shen zhen sun gang for one day. But the cargo deliver from warehousing in second day.