The process of full container transport

The weight, volume or shape of a consignment of goods consigned by the carrier to the railway shall be checked by the railway (carrier) as an full container if the cargo is to be transported on one or more wagons .

The goods can only be handled by full container:

If the cargo need to refrigeration and insulated or heated for transportation , The regulation is limited to dangerous goods handled by the full container. The products that are easy to contaminate other goods (such as animal bones, wet fur, feces, carbon black, etc., which are not sterilized or sealed in a leakproof package);  Goods that are difficult to count;  The bee;  Live animals that have not been packed in containers (except those who must be transported in LCL by railway Administration);  A batch of goods exceeding 2t in weight, 3m3 in volume or 9m in length (except those confirmed by the depot that will not affect the operation of the transfer station and the arrival truck).