The advantage of warehouse in logistics


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The advantage of warehouse in logistics

Warehousing is have important role for logistics, included in:

1.The role of modern warehousing in logistics system

 Warehousing role change:

To store some raw material and product is short time and Low inventory rate ,and low price and good custom service is logistics purpose, warehouse can produce efficient for Raw materials, industrial goods and finished goods.

2. Warehousing is have some add valved advantages for logistics 

1、Shipment consolidation (reduce cost)

2、raw material,make the TCL and LCL cargo consolidation TL and CL,Receive FLC goods ,and divided into the TCL and LCL cargo.

3. Product consolidation

According to customers' needs to Mix products,to complex the order. It can Raw materials and semi-finished products to transport factory can reduce the transport cost. The cross-ducking can complex Product portfolio operations. Warehousing can consolidation cargo transfer Delivery port ,Loading a waiting van and drive to a specific customer.

Warehousing can ready the cargo according the custom have deal.

5. accidental event 
Prevent contingencies and formulate emergency measures

6. Safety

Warehousing can protect the some operation process is safety.