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The material of document Container transport

Container transport is based on Container for the collection of packaging and transport units for door to door, it is become of transport style.
一、 the container transport advantages
1、Open air operation, open air storage, not afraid of wind and rain, save warehouse

2、It can save the packaging materials, guarantee the quality and quantity of goods, and reduce the damage and shortage of goods 

3、It convenience to Operation mechanization,Save the labor and reduce labor intensity.

4、 Improve the loading and unloading speed, improve the turnover rate of vehicles and vessels, reduce port congestion, expand port throughput.  

5、 Reduce the transportation link, can carry out door-to-door transportation, thus speeding up the freight speed, shorten the goods in transit time.

6、Reduced transportation costs, lower freight costs
二、 The container size and type
1.The type of container
Container specifications according to the provisions of the international organization for Standardization, there are 13 kinds of three series as much as.  And in the international shipping mainly used for 20 feet and 40 feet of two, namely 1A type 8 "× 8" ×40 "1C type 8" × 8 "×20".  If according to the use, there are the following kinds:  
1)、 General cargo container
2)、Incubator container
3)、 Bulk cargo dry container
4)、 flat rack container
5)、 Tank container 
6)、 Cattle container
7)、 Load trunk


Container transport